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Veda Property Solutions

In-depth information to support lending decisions

As part of our ongoing focus on improvement and enhancement, we have recently formed a partnership with Valocity, a leading New Zealand property data analytics provider. This partnership brings together two organisations that are focused on innovating to deliver meaningful insights and enhanced solutions aligned to your changing needs over time.

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Been Refused Credit?

Understanding your credit file enables you to make more informed decisions regarding your finances. Your file is also a tool credit providers use to help them ascertain your financial reliability. Request a copy of your credit file today to help ensure your credit history is accurate and up-to-date.

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Online Credit Toolkit


A survey of small businesses showed that nearly half had been hit hard by bad debts in the last 12 months. In this toolkit, you'll find information which may help you implement an effective credit management system within your business,as well as tips to enhance your credit check practices.

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Fuse Report

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Fuse is our complimentary insight report that utilises collective data from both Veda and our property partner Valocity. This report highlights key industry data and commentary to provide meaningful insight in our continually evolving property market.

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Full Credit

Verify, part of the Veda Group, helps organisations mitigate the risks associated with employing new and existing staff - by helping to validate that they are who they say they are. Verify provides a fast and user-friendly candidate background screening and onboarding service, supporting organisations to make well-informed employment decisions.

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Business Systems Intelligence

Specialising in financial viability assessments, credit ratings, and industry benchmarking, Corporate Scorecard has a core competency in undertaking assessments on entities being considered for procurement contracts, major infrastructure projects, grant applications and credit accounts.

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