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Identity Plus

Customer Service 0800 692 733

Key Benefits of Identity Plus:

  • Assists with compliance with the Identity Verification Code of Practice 2011
  • Verify your customers (new and existing) against New Zealand's largest credit database
  • Identities are validated using the full depth and breadth of the Veda database
  • Uses market proven Veda bureau matching software to find your customer in a real time environment
  • Returns a confidence indication showing the degree of match and level of authentication on the NZ Bureau
  • Accessible through existing established channels
  • Real time validation response
  • Time and cost efficent solution
  • Enables you to use a single provider (Veda) for multisource identity verification
  • Other validation databases available include:
    • NZTA Driver Licence
    • Electronic White Pages
    • Terralink Property Ownership